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Lonely White Crane, Vietnamese Art, Wabi Sabi Style

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White crane once was a popular species in South East Asia and East Asia, however, with industrialization, deforestation and pollution, they gradually disappear.
The watercolor painting with a white crane in portrait pose to show its alienation and loneliness would add a special and modern look to your room.

This painting was painted on a traditional handmade paper in Vietnam called "dó" - trees that only grow in Vietnam. The process to make this type of paper has lasted for hundreds if not thousand years and it is somehow similar to the traditional paper-making process in East Asian Countries.

The natural textures and colors of the painting, which are retained completely in the print, would make it look great in many style decors like contemporary country, farmhouse, vintage, bohemian, wabi sabi, zen or nature friendliness.

The painting was painted partly in Asian painting style in which each stroke of brush must be decisive, careful but generous and the empty space must be respected for the painter must be in a free state of mind.
Copyrighted watercolor painting by Tuna. Giclee print on high quality paper. Worldwide shipping.
Available in A1, A2, and A3 size.
This painting is suitable for living room, bedroom, loft or lobby or any space you prefer