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Persimmons Watercolor Painting Printable, Food Wall Art, Fruit Wall Decor, Vietnamese Art

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These are prints of a ripen persimmons watercolor painting.
The painting is painted on a special paper which is handmade in Vietnam and the print retains the grains, natural textures and colors of the paper. Its lively orange, red and yellow of the seasonal fruit will bright up room in contemporary styles.

I got inspired to create this painting right after coming to the local market where was full of the colors of autumn from seasonal fruits.

All artwork copyright © 2021 Rant Tuna Art. Purchase is for personal use only, not for resale.

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Rant Tuna

— Disclaimer —

Because of the paper's partly silk-like nature, it is impossible to make it completely flat. That's the lovely feature of this paper, each one is unique like fingerprint. The print is the exact duplication of the origin.